Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Pikeman's Lament - Battle Report - Part One.

The two majors chose which units they would join, displacing one member of that unit to keep the numbers correct. Royalist Major Trimble joined his own Pike, whilst the Parliamentary commander chose to join 2nd Troop, Okey's Dragoons.

Having the first activation, the parliamentary plan, was to move up the two clans on either flank. This would put them in a good position to take the hillock as well as push into the wood on the eastern edge, the Forlorn Hope and dragoons would advance to the walled field.
For the Royalists, defence was to be the order of the day, though getting up to the walled enclosure for protection would be advantageous, as well as moving the dragoons forward to occupy the hillock.


Clan Douglas rolled a 1+2 and so failed their activation bringing a rather sudden end to the proceedings.

No such problems for Major Trimble, five of his six units followed orders, only Spencer's Shot, decided that they were rather comfortable where they where. (Blue arrows show movement.)

Foulston's Dragoons took the hillock, Sullivan's Troop (classed as Gallopers with the aggressive trait), also advanced.

In the centre, Trimble's Shot and Pike, as well as Barker's Troop (classed as Trotters) followed suit.

A red faced Captain Spencer was left on the start line.

Table at the end of Turn One.


Clan Douglas activated and rushed through the wood, no slowing these boys down.

In the centre the Forlorn Hope took up position against the north wall of the field.

The left flank saw Clan McGregor rush forward into the wood.

That was to be the end of it, as 1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons, failed their activation. At least part of the line has started to move forward.

Foulston's Dragoons opened fire on Clan Douglas, as the latter burst out of the woods. (Red arrows show firing)

Two casualties who won't be eating their porridge anymore.

Trimble's Shot and Pike, both successfully reached the southern boundary of the field. Sullivan's Troop on the left flank, ordered to charge Clan Douglas, thought better of it, and stayed put.

The table at the end of Turn Two.


Clan Douglas refused to assault Foulston's Dragoons on the hillock, so ending another poor activation phase for Parliament.

Testing for a wild charge, Sullivan's Troop smashed into the reluctant clansmen causing a massive four casualties, without any loss to themselves.

The Highlanders fell back and were only saved by the wood slowing down the pursuit of the horsemen.

Clan Douglas is now at half strength, as four more warriors join the dead pile.

To compound matters the clan then failed a morale roll and became wavering. (White disc)

Sullivan's Troopers slowed down dramatically by the trees.

Trimble's Shot opened fire, (first salvo) against the Forlorn Hope, four successful hits, causing a casualty on their target, even with the protection of the stone wall.

'Next time, keep your ruddy head down!'

Barker's Troop sallied forth, half a move, performed caracole, and let fly with pistols against Garnett's Troop. No hits scored.

Foulston's Dragoons, not now needed on the hillock, took the opportunity to sweep down on 2nd Troop of Okey's Dragoons, and engaged in skirmish fire.

They scored three hits, which equaled one kill, and Major Thorpe had to avoid throwing a double one, he succeeded.

A luckless dragoon bit the dust.


Clan Douglas unsuccessfully attempted to rally and had to fall back to the table edge, they need to throw 11 or 12 next turn, or permanently disappear from the table.

1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons, let fly with their muskets causing a casualty to Sullivan's Troop.

The first royalist casualty leaves the field.

2nd Troop, Okey's Dragoons, also open up on Foulston's Dragoons, they too send a royalist for an early bath.

Heading off to the bathroom!

The Forlorn Hope, open fire on Trimble's shot, but fail to score.

A similar story for Garnett's Troop,(Trotters) they caricole to perfection but fail to score a hit.

Clan McGregor burst out of the wood to face Spencer's Shot.

The table at the end of Turn Four, looking from the eastern edge.

The western edge.

So much for plans and tactics. The first contact with the enemy throws everything out of the window. The Parliamentarians are supposed to be attacking, but cannot seem to get moving, the Royalists are supposed to be defending, but have gone on the offensive.

Clan Douglas appears to be ready to leave the field, Royalist Gallopers and Dragoons are causing mayhem and Trimble's Shot and Pike, have the centre sealed up tight. Only on the Parliament left flank, has any form of advance been made. However, they now face a unit of shot, who still have first salvo up their sleeve.

Very enjoyable so far, please call back for the conclusion of the battle.


  1. Enjoyed it so far. Seems a bit frustrating getting the troops to follow orders; not a bad thing really. What do you think so far?

    Oh... LOVE the set-up and terrain. Looks like a good fight.


    1. The activation system is very much like playing Lion Rampant, sometimes you get to do lots, other times you are left frustrated, with little or nothing moving. However, the turn soon passes back again, so not so bad really. I am having a blast playing it, have to keep peeking at the rules, when a new situation occurs, but all in all, very enjoyable.

  2. Looks great fun and an interesting battle. We will see if the tables get turned but it looks unlikely!

    1. Thank you Kenneth, it does look a little grim for Parliament at the moment lol. We shall see what happens next.

  3. Looks like a nice game indeed.

    Please remember thet the Officers give +1 on all friendly ordered activations within 12" so should make life easier for all ordered activations :)

    1. Yes, thank you, it is something I am keeping in mind, however on both failed activations so far, the officer has been further than 12" or the roll has been too low for his bonus to make a difference. I am still waiting to throw a double 1 or 6 in activations, for that table to come into play. Very enjoyable to play though.

  4. Royalists can smell blood and there appears no holding them! I have to say, a nice cup of tea and one of your battle reports is a great way to spend a little time. Looking forward to the conclusion.

    1. Many thanks Leo, I hope you enjoyed your cuppa and the report. I will sort out the conclusion tomorrow. The lighting is appalling at the moment, and the forecast for tomorrow doesn't look much better.

  5. Great looking setup and fun game.

    1. Thank you my friend, a very enjoyable learning game for me.