Saturday, 25 February 2017

Marlborough's Wars Starter Box Set.

A quick look at the contents of the set.

Lots of bases, three sprues of horses, four sprues of riders, lots of options here, three sprues of artillery with a mounted commander on each, finally, seven? oh dear, there should be eight, to allow four 24 man infantry units. I have emailed Warlord, the other box was complete.

The sprue maps, flags, uniforms etc, on very nice leaflets.

Bases for the twelve cavalry and three mounted officers.

Single bases for the infantry and artillerymen.

Artillery sprue.


Cavalry bodies.


Very pleased with these sets, just a shame a sprue of infantry was missing, but I am sure Warlord will respond to my email and make it good.


  1. I knew you would like them, Jack. Can't wait to see how you've painted them up. I may just get started on mine in a Paint-n-chat!

    1. Thanks Tom, they are really nice sculpts, should be fun to paint up.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gary, Imaginations, let the mind run riot lol.

  3. A great period. I read Chandlers book a few months ago, amazing stuff.

  4. That is a great set Ian really tempted to get it myself looking forward to seeing some painted up my friend

    1. Not sure how quickly they will be painted up, still working my way through the AWI box set. I also need to get some bases, thinking of regiments of 24, in stands of four. One stand being grenadiers, so I could create a combined grenadier formation. I do have the Beneath the Lily Banner rule set, they speak of units of 12 or 16, so a lot of thinking to do first.