Friday, 3 February 2017

Campaign of King Hugh III, the leaders and retinues.

I have dug out and dusted off my Wars of the Roses troops, well they weren't actually dusty, as I keep them all in plastic storage boxes, labelled and secure. On the table are the seven factions or retinues, that will be involved. Battles will be fought using the Lion Rampant rules.

This little lot should make for an interesting campaign.

 Baron Charlet of Uskax.

His retinue consists of three units of Mounted Knights (I have only shown units of knights in groups of three, rather than six, but will flesh them out with spare knights as needed).

One unit each of Men at Arms, Bill men and Archers.

Baron Jacobus of Agliuna.

Four units of Mounted Knights.

One each of Spears and Men at Arms.

 Sheikh al Taif of Ethus.

Three units of Mounted Knights, (technically not knights at all, but will have the same stats).

One unit of Archers and two of Spearmen.

Baron Dain of Iosna.

Four units of Mounted Knights.

One each of Men at Arms and Archers.

Baron Gerves of Cheodan.

Three units of Mounted Knights.

Two units of Men at Arms and one of Spearmen.

 Baron Tobyn of Utha.

Three units of Mounted Knights.

Two units of Archers and and a single Spearmen unit.

King Hugh III of Rosmia with attendant,

 Prince Arthur of Rosmia,

 General Barnardus of Rosmia.

Standing Army
Four units of Mounted Knights.

One unit each of Archers and Spearmen. A reserve force is also available to Rosmia, consisting of:
Two Mounted Knights, two Men at arms, one Archer and finally one Spearmen.

Sweeping across the table for a closer look at the retinues.

Rosmia will potentially have to fight all the other kingdoms, though only one at a time. That is the reason that they have a reserve to call upon, whilst the other minor kingdoms, do not.

The campaign will last for twenty years, with one event occurring each year. The events are rolled for on a table. I rolled a 1 for the first year, which signifies a year of peace, a good Summer and a bountiful crop.

Year Two, was a roll of 4, this means Rosmia must defeat a minor raid into its borders. For a minor raid, both sides will only be allowed to field three units in total. A further roll, to find out which kingdom is raiding, revealed it to be Baron Charlet of Uskax.

So the table will be set, the forces laid out and the first engagement can be fought.


  1. Great start to the campaign Ian. long live Rosmia looking forward to seeing the action

    1. Thanks Steph, I am really looking forward to playing this campaign, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  2. Wow! What an impressive sight.

    1. Thanks Rodger, time to put them into action now.