Sunday, 24 July 2016

The fort continues to take shape.

I have done some more work on the fort today, cutting 100 mm lengths of garden stakes and then sharpening one end. I then again used my tray to keep everything square and built the other walls. It is of course only held together with PVA (white wood glue) so it is going to need extra strengthening pieces added, but the outer walls are now attached to the base, with a gap for the gate.

The second wall section constructed on the tray.

Third wall constructed, glued and drying, I didn't realise we had so much soup in the cupboard!

Rear and two side walls complete.

First of the two front wall sections.

The second section of the front wall, a bit more tricky as I have left a gap for the gate.

All the pieces now glue together and drying. I also added the walkways to give more gluing area to hold it all together. I will be putting polyfilla (spackle) all around the base, inside and out, to anchor the bases of the walls.

The walkway is about 25 mm wide so should take a soldier on its base without a problem.

So far, so good. I am quite pleased with how it is looking so far. A lot of work still to be done of course, but it should make a nice piece of scenery for the war gaming table eventually.

So that is the position at the end of the afternoon, I am thoroughly enjoying myself building this and I hope to be able to add the polyfilla/spackle at the base of the four walls this evening to allow it to dry thoroughly overnight. I am hoping to put a building or two inside, probably attached to the palisade fences as this will also help the strengthen the structure.

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  1. Looks great. You can slip lil buildings underneath the walkways too. Well done Ian. I am hungry for some reason... :()