Monday, 25 July 2016

The fort nears completion.

I have added the two final buildings to the fort, also plank walkways outside the doors. I imagine the centre, though packed down earth, could get a little muddy at times. It would be great to grass that area, but of course soldiers drilling and marching would soon get rid of any vegetation. So it will have to be textured in some way. I am now pondering on how to fit the gates, I am thinking along the lines of a paper clip ring and two hooks on each gate post to allow them to be opened and closed.

Cutting the hut out of balsa and a dry fit.

The same with the other hut.

The sides of the building help to support the walkway above.

The cans of soup and tomatoes come in handy again in the PVA drying process.

Two cans for the larger hut.

First one almost complete, the stove pipe needs a coat of black.

Hut number two also virtually finished.

Still plenty of room in the centre for parading the troops.

Some shots taken outside, you can also see the two new plank walkways outside the new huts, they now link in with the original.

A top down shot, shows plenty of area in the centre.


  1. This keeps getting better and better. Again, very inspiring.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, entering the home straight now, and it has cost me less than £2 to make.

  2. Excellent Jack, I have a similar idea for a hill fort using wooden coffee stirrers, I have got as far as buying the stirrers, if I can build something half as good as yours I will be happy,

    1. Thanks Stu, a hill fort sounds a great project, all the different heights, maze like entrance and rows of palisades, not to mention the warriors waiting inside for you to attack!