Thursday, 21 July 2016

Full of Eastern Promise.

Well after painting up a number of English Civil War regiments, I thought I would have a change of scene, so I picked out some boxes of Arab warriors. We have been enjoying glorious weather, at long last, here in the UK, so the man cave has been abandoned along with the ongoing ACW currently raging on the table. However, a small table set up outside allows the painting to continue.

A unit of mounted Javelins have been built and await a lick of paint.

The contents of two boxes, one heavy and one light cavalry by Gripping Beast. It has allowed me to assemble the light cavalry as a unit of six each, javelins and archers. The heavy cavalry are all spear armed. This is to allow for their use in Lion Rampant, but of course they can easily be joined to other similar troops for other rule sets.

Their horses are done and awaiting the riders.

The box of infantry has also been painted and washed, however, they still need to be highlighted. Here a command group for the spear men.

The rest of the spear unit of 12 await in their box.

A unit of Javelin.

Finally, a unit of archers.

The three boxes of Gripping Beast plastics has allowed me to build four cavalry and three foot units for use with Lion Rampant. Not a bad sized little force for under £60.

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