Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Fort now finished and ready for the table.

So this brings to an end my little scratch built fort. It has cost me under £2 to build and as well as being unique, it was fun to build. It will now be ready for when I paint up the figures to garrison it.
Many thanks for all the positive comments I have received on this mini series of blog posts. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Using the tray again to give me a level both vertically and horizontally. The blue tack is used to keep the logs packed tight as the glue dries.

Exactly the same treatment for the other gate, this is made of five posts as opposed to the six of the other gate. It had to be that way to fit the opening.

I also put textured paint down inside the fort, to simulate the packed earth.

Those plank walkways will be well used during the muddy season!

I also took the opportunity to stain the floor of the cabins, the roofs are all removable to allow for the placing of troops inside, if the rules allow for it.

The final act was to try the gate, dry fitted here.

Again a dry fit and partly opened.

I made some hooks and eyes out of 30 amp fuse wire to attach the gates.

Attached in position, that was a giggle fitting them, NOT!

But the plan worked and the gates in the open position.

Closed to keep the enemy at bay.

I am going to call that complete! It still needs a flag pole to finish it off at some point in the future.


  1. What a great centerpiece for a game!

    1. Thanks Gary, it should do the job nicely.

  2. Thanks buddy, I am happy with it and will put it to use on the table later this year hopefully.

  3. What a great building project Ian this will work well with the new AWI project and only £2 bargain.

    1. Thanks Stephen, I fancied a change from painting figures for a day or two, this was a really enjoyable diversion.

  4. Excellent!
    Very frontier-iffic.

    Inspires me to try my hand at such a thing.

    1. My first attempt at scratch building anything beyond a wooden fence lol. It was cheap and fun to build, will also do the job on the table.