Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Next battle turn and thoughts of Imagi-Nations

Managed to take more photos of the battle.

King Henry moves ever closer to King Richard.

On the other flank, foot knights, billmen and spear men jostle to join combat.

The two kings are still outside charge range.

The Yorkist battle line prepares to meet the advancing Lancastrians.

Crossbowmen climb the ridge to replace the hotheaded foot knights who charged toward the enemy.

The next turn should witness the forces collide.

The Lancastrian advance.

Archers have already taken a toll of the most advanced unit of foot knights

Overall view of the table at the end of the turn.

With excellent articles in the February 2016 issue of Wargames Illustrated, on Imagi-Nations, plus wars that never were also. I began thinking about my own WotR campaign game. I am actually well down the route of an imaginary country already! I have fictitious leaders and towns and an abstract map. Why not go the whole hog and create a country of my own, based on Medieval England at the time of the Wars of the Roses? 

With that thought in mind, I have begun to write a narrative, which like my English Civil War diary, will be driven by the events on the table top. Just the early stages yet, but when I have the first chapter completed, I shall post it to the blog.


  1. Sounds good Ian. Don't you just love being able to let things set on the battlefield while you wander off to have a read on something. The little soldiers set there upon their swords awaiting the grand melee. I love it. Keep it up Ian. Curious to see what is next from your lil alcove of adventures.


  2. Awesome idea, using the games to drive the narrative of the Imagi-Nation. Ian "The King Maker!"