Saturday, 13 February 2016

Turn Three of the Wars of the Roses battle.

Some more photos of the Wars of the Roses battle being played using Sword and Spear rules. This is the position at the end of turn three. The Lancastrian foot knights strike into the Yorkist centre and the light cavalry of Henry engage in combat with Richard's heavy knights.

Looking along the Lancastrian lines, this is the second wave, making ready to advance under the watchful eyes of Henry.

The spear men on the Yorkist right flank await their turn as the Lancastrian foot knights crash into the Yorkist centre.

Lancastrian archers loose off against Yorkist spear men.

A melee in the centre with the Lancastrians suffering losses.

Bill men move up on the Lancastrian right flank.

At the very far end a cavalry melee resulted in the destruction of the Yorkist heavy mounted knights and in the pursuit, King Richard III was killed!

King Richard and his mounted knights are off the board.


  1. Not so good to be the King this time!

    1. Afraid not, he was attached to the mounted knights that were routed and he was killed in the persuit, due to rolling a six.