Monday, 15 February 2016

Diet Challenge - Day One

A mixed day to say the least and a few things learnt.

I had a piece of the baguette for breakfast, warmed in the oven so that it smelt and tasted as if it was freshly baked, no butter of course, but it was lovely and went down well with my cup of tea. Much better for me than my normal two slices of buttered toast.

Lunchtime saw the 40 pence can of soup opened, it was not great, but it was edible and with a chunk of baguette was filling too. At that price I wasn't expecting Heinz standards, so it was acceptable.

Dinner had me opening the tin of store brand meat balls, also 40 pence. The contents looked and smelled like dog food, a dip in of the pinky finger confirmed that the contents were awful! I have never tasted canned dog food, but reckon this must be close to it. In fact it is worse as I put the contents of the can down for my dog, and he refused to eat it!

The Fusilli of course was fine, not much to go wrong with pasta, so I mixed the sachet of sweet chilli and garlic sauce in with it for what was actually a very tasty and filling meal. Had I put the meatballs in too, it would have been inedible, for me at least. I still have a piece of the bread left and will save that for breakfast tomorrow.

I didn't buy anything today, as of course, I already had my supplies in. I shall shop again tomorrow. I have now re-discovered what I already knew, you get what you pay for. This dieting is going to be hard enough without trying to survive on the cheapest end of the food market. So the budget idea is out of the window, I at least want to be able to enjoy whatever food I get.

Thanks to everyone for posting on this blog, I am going to follow some of the suggestions and please feel free to suggest other ideas too. They will be gratefully received.

I weighed myself this morning and I am fifteen and a half stone, (210 pounds for US readers, 98.4 kg in metric for Europe). As I am only 5 feet 9 inches tall, I guess that makes me fat in all countries! I would like to lose two and a half stone (35 pounds, 16 kg.)

I shall report back on tomorrow's adventure.


  1. Have you tried Pollock a cheap fish with a tin of mushroom soup ? with mashed tates. raw carrots are great, garden peas with rice and a little curry powder too perhaps you could mix a little chicken in there too ?

  2. Hi Chris, I am not a lover of fish at the best of times, apart from Haddock at the chippy of course, but I won't be visiting there anytime soon.Chicken, rice and curry is something I had thought about though.