Wednesday, 24 February 2016

All change on the Project front.

I had forgotten how awful the soft plastic of 1/72nd scale really is. It is a long time since I worked with this scale and after working with metal and hard plastics for the last few years, I simply could not motivate myself to actually paint them. First of all one of the horses was minus a tail, it was not in the box, which was shrink wrapped, so it must have broken off prior to being packed. Then when fixing them to pennies with blue tack, I managed to snap two of them off their bases. The spindly little legs just came away.

The upshot is I chucked the whole lot back in their boxes in disgust and have gone back to 28mm. If I do attempt a Hundred Years War army, then it will also be in 28mm. All my 1/72nd scale will be going up for sale on that well known auction site.

So, with that project thrown out of the window, I am returning to my English Civil War, or more correctly The Wars of the Three Kingdoms, armies. I am going to add the Montrose Irish, Scottish Covenanters and Highlanders to the ranks of my English regiments. There are also three or four more boxes of standard infantry to build and paint as well.

Today, for the first time in months, it is sunny and actually quite mild, so the metal figures from two of the packs were duly taken outside and sprayed with a light grey primer. The Montrose Irish are all metal but the Covenanters are just a standard hard plastic infantry pack, with four specific to them, command figures in metal and some bonnets as opposed to hats favoured by the English.

The box set of Montrose Irish.

The four command figures.

'Mac Colla' and his two bodyguards. They are a blister pack and don't come with the box set.

Sixteen musketeers to allow for two sleeves of eight.

Six pike men who will along with the command occupy a centre base between the two sleeves of shot.

As mentioned earlier, the Covenanters are the standard plastic infantry set with a bag of four metal command and bonnets.

The four command figures, include a piper.

So a return to a project that hasn't been touched for a year. Also the pleasure of dealing with metal and hard plastic.


  1. That is sad about the 1/72. I do feel your pain though. I will say that returning to the ECW has me excited all over again. I remember when you were first posting about that project. Great memories that. So now, back you go. Will be following this goodness once again.

    Keep it up my friend.


    1. Thanks buddy, nice to get back to my first 28mm project, has been a year since I touched any of them. After the 1/72nd debacle, I have regained my focus.

  2. They are great figures, and you can't beat their price either?

    1. Thanks Ray, they were a good price, quality sculpts too.

  3. These are nice figures, very paintable (not a real word but hopefully you'll know what I mean). They add an attractive element to the tabletop.

    1. Thanks buddy, lovely figures indeed, have sat in their box for over a year, finally seeing the light of day and a drop of paint.

  4. I agree, one of the major failing of the 1:72 figs is usually the material.
    These figures look great, very expressive, and unique! Look fun!

  5. Thanks Gary, they are lovely sculpts, really am enjoying painting these.