Friday, 19 February 2016

Turn Four of the Wars of the Roses Battle.

After a major mistake in turn three, in which a unit of light cavalry, not only wiped out a unit of heavy mounted knights, they also gave pursuit and killed Richard III! I had missed a line in the rules that stated 'light cavalry can only attack skirmisher units to the front', so the brave charge was actually illegal and as such Richard and his knights live to fight again.

So the position at the end of the turn.

The Lancastrian light cavalry have maneuvered in front of their spear men. 

Looking down the table, Lancastrian foot knights are in melee in the centre as are bill men on the far right flank.

More foot knights are advancing on the Yorkists in the centre.

The heavy mounted knights with their respective kings attached are jostling for position in the coming fight.

This unit of Lancastrian archers have already inflicted three kills on the Yorkist spear men, one more casualty and they will rout!

Foot knights in melee in the centre, with help rushing forward.

On the other flank bill men exchange pleasantries!

Another Lancastrian unit of bill men are attempting to close to assist.

This unit of Lancastrian foot knights have routed.

So the battle rages on, the Yorkists on the ridge look as strong as ever, but casualties on both sides are taking their toll.

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