Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wars of the Roses battle - Using Sword and Spear rules.

Finally began playing a full game of S&S, previously I had fought minor skirmishes between different unit types to get used to the game mechanics. Happy with how that turned out I laid out the table and chose two forces for a proper battle. The Yorkist force under King Richard III had one extra unit of troops (11 opposing 10), but the Lancastrian force commanded by Henry actually had a higher points value.

Part of the table looking along the Yorkist line on the ridge.

The Yorkist left flank is anchored beside a walled field. The Lancastrians are advancing all along the line.

On the other flank, Richards mounted knights face off against Henry's mounted knights, however, the latter also has a unit of light horse backing him up.

Looking along at the Lancastrian troops advancing.

Some shots from troop eye level taken from the Lancastrian lines.

The Yorkists hold a ridge line in the centre.

Lancastrian foot knights and archers advance.

A Lancastrian captain encourages his men forward.

Yorkist archers let fly a volley of arrows.

All the photographs were taken at the end of turn two and it is proving to be a very enjoyable game. I have made some errors in placement of troops that meant some dice were wasted, so a learning curve too. The game certainly punishes a poor commander! Does it give the flavour of the period? I certainly think so, and it really does make you think all the time. I am playing solo but even in a two player game, the reactive player cannot just sit back and relax whilst his opponent moves. No periods of inactivity for either player in this rule set!

Well, I am off to play a few more turns, I will of course give a full account in a later post, with lots of photographs too.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gabz, rules are working out really well.

  2. Yup... looking grand. The armies are almost at grips with one another. Good pics too Ian. I like the model eye view here.

    1. Thanks Kurtus, these rules are ideal for solo play, really enjoying them.