Monday, 8 February 2016

Wars of the Roses battle using Sword & Spear rules.

Having a lot of fun learning and attempting to teach the rules on my You Tube channel, however, I have a few photos of the action at the end of Turns one and two.

The Yorkists are holding a ridge line in the centre and the Lancastrians are advancing to meet them.

King Richard with his mounted men at arms moves out onto the flank.

The Lancastrians have a unit of light horse leading King Henry and his mounted men at arms.

Lancastrian archers, spearmen and foot knights advance in good order.

On the other flank, bill men advance to attack the Yorkist line.

The Yorkists defend the ridge line.

End of Turn Two sees the bill men get ever closer and Yorkist spearmen step forward.

The other unit of bill men need to catch up!

Lancastrian light horse advance toward the flank of Richards mounted men at arms, whilst the Lancashire troops continue to advance.

Arrows rain down on the foot knights, but they survive without loss.

Yorkist foot knights taunt their foe.

Having a lot of fun with this set of rules, they are ideal for solo play.

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