Wednesday, 30 December 2015

First Battle with the Lion Rampant rules - Part Two - The Outcome.

In the rules there is a sequence of activations and high on the list is attempting to rally units that are battered. I found that when a unit has lost quite a few figures it becomes virtually impossible to rally. I may have misinterpreted the rules and will have to study that section again in more detail.
The Yorkist archers failed to rally and automatically lose another figure, this represents men who have had enough and quietly slip away from the battlefield.

The Yorkist mounted men at arms with the leader attached were about to make a wild charge on the Bill men to their right.

Smashing into them, there are no flanks, rear or front in this game, so no bonus for a flank attack.

The Bill men fought incredibly well scoring two casualties on the knights, but suffered three of their own.

The unfortunate casualties.

The brave Bill men had to fall back and now came under the bows of some archers.

Who failed miserably, their two hits bouncing off armour.

Having survived two attacks in quick succession, they now were attacked by the spearmen. Sometimes life just sucks!

The spear men charge in.

Once again the Bill men fight for their lives, taking two more casualties and inflicting one before pulling back once again. They still passed the courage test.

The luckless casualties.

The spear men failed their movement so the turn passed to the Lancastrians.

The leader with his knights made a wild charge into the spear men.

Causing a massive four casualties for the loss of one of their own,

The spear men pull back and both sides pass their courage test.

To the South of the road, the surviving members of the foot knights licked their lips in anticipation. After suffering numerous casualties due to arrows from the now battered archer unit, they charged in.

They were not in a friendly mood either!

They carved up three archers without a loss to themselves.

What remained of the unit failed its courage test and melted away.

This battle between the Lancastrian Bills and the Yorkist spears to the South of the Road, had been raging back and forth all through the battle. Once again the Bill men charged in.

Suffering a single casualty, but inflicting three on the spear men.

Who failed their courage test and became battered as well as falling back.

Those Lancastrian foot knights, fresh from slaughtering archers would have a dessert of spear men next turn!

The turn reverted to the Yorkists, their leader and his knights carrying out a wild charge against the Lancastrian leader and his knights.

Men fought viciously.

However, the Yorkists got the better and without loss, hacked two Lancastrians to death.

The Lancastrian leader, now feeling somewhat lonely, was forced to pull back.

Our battle crazed foot knights turned on the hapless and already battered spear men.

 They went in hard,

Causing two casualties, without loss to themselves.

It was too much for the Yorkist spear men who legged it off the field.

The butcher's bill, Yorkists to the left, Lancastrians on the right.

With three enemy units routed the Lancastrians win, even though it would appear the Lancastrian leader would have been slaughtered in the next turn, had there been one.

A really enjoyable first game, I made a couple of errors, but nothing too major. As mentioned earlier I must re-read the section on rallying as I may have got that totally wrong. I enjoyed the quick and easy activations of units, also the removal of casualties was quite satisfying and very old school. Add to that the uncertainty of activations, maybe every unit will do something or possibly nothing at all.


  1. Thanks for this AAR, it will help this coming weekend when I play my first real game of LR!

  2. AHhh... that was a grand report. Lots of carnage. How long did it take from start to finish, Ian? Looks that a battle like this wouldn't take long to resolve.

    Great stuff.