Friday, 1 January 2016

War of the Roses forces almost completed.

A very happy new year to all reading this, the very first blog of 2016.

2015 was a very successful and productive year for me. I began my 6mm Amercian Civil War journey and have now painted up about 4,000 figures and still have a about another 1,000 to go. I have to admit, the The Black Powder 2015 challenge really pushed that project along at a blistering pace for me. Lots of battles to come especially as Warlord Games are scheduled to release an ACW supplement for their Black Powder rules this year.

About midway through the year, my best buddy Graham presented me with three boxes of Perry Wars of the Roses figures as well as virtually the complete command range in metal! There were also a couple of metal carts with oxen and horses too. He knew I was keen on building forces for that period and had already drawn up very early plans for a campaign game, set during that period. I deliberately avoided using washes and inks as I wanted to recreate the toy knights and archers I had as a child. They of course were brightly coloured and finished in a gloss varnish, I didn't quite go as far as gloss, though I did consider it for a while, however the completed forces are bright and crisp with their colours and so mission accomplished.

I bought numerous other boxes as I want to create four main factions, two Yorkist and two Lancastrian, each with distinctive colours. I also injected a bit of fun by using colours of football teams as the retinue colours. So for Lancashire we have the blue and white of Blackburn Rovers, claret and blue of Burnley. For Yorkshire we have black and amber of Hull City, my home team and finally the green and white of North Ferriby United. This project too is almost complete with just three boxes of figures now left to paint.

My resolution for the new year is not to buy anymore figures until I have painted everything that I currently have stashed away, I know, it is a scary thought, no new shiny toys! I need to complete my English Civil War armies, not a vast amount to do really, but the Scottish forces really need finishing along with a couple of regular regiments of foot. Also in the stash is a 28mm Roman Starter army and about 120 Gauls and Ancient Britons, currently about a dozen legionary figures are painted up, so a lot of work to do there.

Finally, my stash of 1/72nd figures, these consist of:

Greeks & Persians                                                   50% complete
Romans & Gauls                                                     Untouched in boxes
Hundred Years War English & French                   10% complete
Crusaders & Saracens                                             50% complete
Medieval Japanese                                                  80% complete
American War of Independence                             30% complete
Napoleonics British & French                                50% complete

So a lot of painting to do this year!

Finally, I have laid out all the Wars of the Roses figures on my table, they are stood on plastic bases which came with the Zvezda Age of Battles games of a few years ago. I put card on top and flocked them to provide me with movement bases for all my figures if called for in the rule set being used. These bases will work perfectly for Sword and Spear, Hail Caesar and L'Art de la Guere.

Looking along the length of the table, the bases are paired giving a frontage of about eight inches.

Working down the table from the left.

Toward the centre.

Right of centre.

The right side.

Looking back along the table.

Some of the leader figures at the front and intermingled with the rank and file.

A closer view.

You should be able to pick out the retinues in green/white, black/amber. Other troops such as Bill men and foot knights do not wear retinue colours so can be used for any side.

The retinue figures are easy to pick out in their distinctive liveries.

This has been a very fun and enjoyable project.

So like the ACW project, the WotR project is coming to a close. I will now be able to get down to having some serious battles on the table this year.

Thanks to you all for reading the blog, please feel free to make a comment.

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