Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lion Rampant Demo Battle - Set Up

Well finally enough troops are available to begin trying out the rule sets that I have acquired. First up will be the skirmish type rules of Lion Rampant. I have selected two 24 point armies, both made up slightly differently. First up is the Lancastrian force, made up of two units of Bill men and one unit each of crossbowmen, foot knights and mounted men at arms.

The whole Lancastrian force. Left to right Bill men (12 figures), foot knights (6), crossbowmen (12), Bill men (12) and finally mounted men at arms (6). The leader at the rear will have to be attached to any of the units and stays with this unit the whole game. He will replace one of the mounted men at arms.

Bill men and foot knights.

Crossbowmen and Bill men.

Mounted men at arms.

The Yorkist force is larger by one unit but the units are weaker than their opponents. They have two units of spear men (12 figures each) and archers (12), one unit of light cavalry (6) and one unit of mounted men at arms (6).

Yorkist left flank of one unit each of archers (12 figures) and spear men (12).

In the centre are the mounted men at arms (6), once again the leader figure will be attached to this unit requiring one figure to be removed.

Next up is another unit of archers (12) and spear men (12).

A unit of light cavalry (6) occupies the right flank.

Lion Rampant calls for all figures to be based as single figures as each unit forms a loose group with no facing. All figures must be within three inches of a central figure and no unit may be closer than three inches to any other. This called for the neat rows of troops to be redistributed as follows.

The Lancastrians with their dice.

The Yorkists and their dice.

After repeated armed raids by Lancastrian troops into Yorkist lands, a flying force of light troops had been organised by the local Yorkist lord. On hearing that Lancastrians had once again entered his territory and were ransacking a village, he mobilised his flying column to drive off the Lancastrians. The latter, seeing the approaching troops, chose to deploy for battle.

The table is set, the troops are ready, the dice await!

I shall take lots of photographs of the battle and post them to the blog.


  1. What a great scenario! Should be fun!

  2. Thanks Gary, Christmas day already and not a dice thrown yet! Just too busy with family calling and of course the big day itself. I plan for action to start tomorrow, well that is the plan.