Saturday, 12 December 2015

War of the Roses Leader figures now completed.

These figures were a joy to paint, being of course Perry and metal, ensured their quality. They should look just fine leading the troops into battle. I have made a command base which contains two figures, firstly Henry VII and his standard bearer and Richard III also with a standard bearer. Some of these figures will double for leaders of my Campaign game retinues.

All the leaders lined up, sixteen of them and two heralds.

Travelling down the line.

The two twin bases of Richard and Henry.

Looking back along the line.

I put stickers on all the bases to remind me who each model represents.

Next on the painting board is another box of mounted men at arms (knights) as the two Yorkist retinues are currently devoid of any mounted knights. Once done, I shall have enough figures painted up to have a decent game of Lion Rampant or indeed any other rule set covering the period. I have ordered a copy of  Sword and Spear (2nd edition) as it has had some excellent reviews and sounds like it will suit my game style perfectly.


  1. Great job Ian; quite impressive. These gius - and gal - will add some character to the armies. Curious how Sword and Spear comes along as well.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, finally have leaders for the troops, they will of course double for retinue leaders in my campaign game.