Saturday, 19 December 2015

Let the games begin!

Finally, after what seems like months of solid painting, be it 6 or 28mm, I have enough units to actually fight a battle or two. The Cigar Box Battle Mat which I ordered a month ago has also landed as a bonus. This is the mixed scrub land 6 x 4 feet which is devoid of roads, rivers etc. this will allow me to place down my own as required. The mat is the same high standard as my other mat and will be christened with a few practice battles over the coming days.

Looking down the whole length of the CBBM, the table is currently set at three feet wide so a generous twelve inches actually hangs down the front of the table, I do have a couple of hinged flaps at this side of the table to give me a full 8 x 4 foot table.

A low level, close up shot of the mat showing the texture that has been achieved by the manufacturer.

I have four rule sets, all of which will be used over the coming months, some are more suitable for skirmish others for larger battles.

Lion Rampant prefers that the figures be single based, however the other rule sets recommend bases. I have a shed load of these old Zvezda Age of Battles bases, which I have covered in card and then flocked.  They measure 80mm in width, the ruler also shows imperial measurement for those, like myself, who still think in that scale.

Width or depth is about 60 - 65mm.

Of course I can stand any number to together to increase the width or depth of a unit.

A unit of foot knights in Lion Rampant, though they in actual fact would not be on a base for that rule system.

Can easily be converted to a stand of 12 figures for other rule sets. I did also base them in such a way as to allow for casualty removal should the rules call for it. Always good to be versatile with basing.

A unit of light cavalry fit perfectly, three to a base, to represent a unit.

Same unit with the photo taken from a higher angle to show the excellent fit for the bases.

So the reward for all the months of painting is lots of battle ahead. The mat will also be perfect for my 6mm ACW as well. Good times ahead!


  1. Great article Ian really enjoyed reading it

    1. Thanks Andrew, makes it all worthwhile when you get the figures on the table ready for battle.

  2. Great stuff. Bases ready; models painted; all is good in the world. So, what's first, Ian? Lion Rampant I imagine. Will be looking for your next post on this. Keep it going, my friend.

    1. Thanks Kurtus, yes I think Lion Rampant will be up first as that was the original rule set the armies were planned for.

  3. Very nice.
    I've been looking into making my own battle mat... I've got the fixings, I just need the gusto to get it done... and a couple warmer days to do it on.
    Looking forward to the Lion Rampant adventure... it's a rules set I've been curious about.

    Have a nice Xmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too buddy. Battle will commence shortly.