Monday, 21 December 2015

Wars of the Roses project.

I completed the next two units of archers and was going to photograph them for the blog as normal, however I thought it would be interesting to see the whole armies laid out on the new battle mat.

Looking along the table, the Yorkist factions are on the left side facing the Lancastrians.

The Yorkists with a unit of Bill men closest to the camera.

Lancastrian battle line, with again, Bill men closest the camera, the Bill men are in neutral colours and can be recruited by either side side as required for a battle.

Each side has two units of mounted knights and a single unit of light cavalry.

Looking back down the table, the command figures are all to the right of the picture.

With the foot knights, they again bear no retinue colours so can be added to any force as needed.

The blue and white clad troops of Lord Sir Benedict Foxe comprising two units of archers, one unit of crossbowmen, light cavalry and mounted men at arms.

At the left of the picture are two units of mounted men at arms in neutral colours, they can either be reinforcements for the main factions or represent the lesser factions in the campaign.

Sir Walter de Cobham's boys comprising mounted men at arms, light cavalry, one unit each of spearmen, archers and fire arms troops.

The green and white retinue of Sir Godfrey Howard. One unit of mounted men at arms, two units of archers, one of crossbowmen and one spearmen.

Next to the spearmen are three units of foot knights.

Leader figures with Richard III with standard and herald on the left, Henry VII with standard and herald on the right.

Birds eye view of the table with the four rule books which will be tried out using these troops.

The retinue of Sir Ralph Lytton with mounted men at arms, a unit of archers and one of spearmen.

Looking along the Yorkist battle line.

Matched by the Lancastrian battle line.

Lancastrians ready for the fight.

A very confident Yorkist army.

It now is just a case of adding a few more foot units to each side, I do already have the boxes of unpainted figures required and they will be completed next. In the mean time I shall use the Lion Rampant rules to fight some 24 point battles, which will be four of five units per side.


  1. Just awesome Jack. You did a great job and am looking forward to seeing more of these dudes!

    1. Thank you Gary, The first battle is currently laid out on the table, simple affair with minimal scenery and two 24 point Lion Rampant forces.

  2. They look great, Ian. Everything all laid out with the battle mat, rules, etc. How exciting! I am really looking forward to reading about your battles wit these little guys.


    1. Thank you Kurtus, intend to start with LR, do a couple of battles and then repeat with BP and so on.