Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Mounted Men at Arms progress report.

On my last blog entry I mentioned I would be starting work on a box of mounted men at arms for the 28mm Wars of the Roses project, in actual fact I have started work on two boxes! My original intention was to paint up the two six man Yorkist units of Sir Godfrey Howard in green and white and also Sir Walter de Cobham in black and amber. I have done so, but also decided to paint up two units in neutral colours, these can be used to represent lesser nobles in the campaign game. As all the foot knights and Bill men are too in neutral colours, it will be easy to allocate forces to both the four main factions and the lesser factions.

I always start with the horses, and have included some photos of the completed mounts for the yet to be painted knights. They will be flocked at the very end, once the riders have been attached.

The two Yorkist faction mounts can be seen in the two front rows and the neutral in the remaining two rows.

The knights themselves are currently impaled on cocktail sticks awaiting arms, heads and a coat of paint. The 'Sword and Spear' rules have also arrived, I have read through them once, and like what I see. Certainly a novel way of working out initiative and activation of units. Once I have properly read and digested the contents I will write a full review.