Monday, 21 September 2015

War of the Roses troop muster and 6mm ACW tented camp.

I decided to muster the troops completed so far on the table top with a couple of buildings and a scenic backdrop, this was really so I could see exactly what each of the four main factions had in their retinue so far and allow me to plan who should get the next two units. The black and amber retinue of Yorkist, Sir Walter de Cobham will receive a unit of spear men, The dark blue and white of Lancastrian, Lord Sir Benedict Foxe will add a unit of crossbowmen.

All the boys together.

The unit of bill men and their command are not designated to any of the four major leaders and will be part of the retinues of the lesser knights in the campaign.

Looking down the line.

The black and amber retinue of Sir Walter de Cobham with just a unit of light cavalry and a firearms unit.

Sir Godfrey Howard (Yorkist) has a crossbowmen and spear men.

Sir Ralph Lytton (Lancastrian) has mounted knights, archers and spear men.

Lord Sir Benedict Foxe (Lancastrian) has mounted knights, light cavalry and archers.

Another view of the retinues formed up.

These resin buildings are from my English Civil War project, but fit nicely into this period. A timber merchant/cooperage.

A plain wattle and daub house, the dry stone walling is from OO Gauge model railway.

Some close-ups.

Finally, I have finished some tents that have been sat on my workbench for almost a month, they are for the 6mm ACW project, which I have been neglecting lately in favour of the War of the Roses. I shall have to rectify that.

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