Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More Troops and books arrive.

Work has commenced on the crossbowmen and spear men from from the mercenary box set. They are now off the sprues, cleaned up and blue tacked to lolly (popsicle) sticks awaiting some paint being sloshed onto them.

I received two parcels in the post today, the first was the two boxes of Foot Knights, each box contains a total of 38 figures and as the Lion Rampant rule set has them in units of six figures, a quick totting up shows that there will be enough for six units, plus a couple of spare figures in each of the two boxes. Of course in other rule sets they may well total 12 like the bill men or archers and I shall base them in such a way as to allow for this, as I have done the other units.

Both boxes of Foot Knights now join the stash of figures awaiting a coat of paint.

A good friend from You Tube who was in the last couple of episodes of Table Top Commanders, offered to send me three books he owned on the War of the Roses as he has no further use for them, The parcel containing the books arrived today and they are excellent publications. I shall be reading them thoroughly to give me ideas and inspiration for my campaign game.

All are published by Freezywater Publications in the U.K. Towton published 1992.

Barnet published 1996.

Bosworth published 1998.

Reading the latest list from 1998, they also have books on Tewkesbury and Edgecote as well as a three volume set on Heraldic Banners of the wars. Something I shall have to do some internet research on too see if I can obtain copies as these three, just from a quick flick through, look to be superb.

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  1. Always nice to receive parcels. Your stash grows....just like mine of the plastic kits. Seems like we where some collectors;-)
    Greetings, Urs