Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mounted Men at Arms nearing completion.

Just a little more work needed to complete these two units of mounted knights. They all need a very light sepia wash to bring out the details, folds in cloth etc. also the need sword and scabbards attaching and also a little bit of a touch up on the colours where I have either missed a little or over painted with another colour. I still want to achieve my goal of creating the shiny knights of my childhood, not for the purist but I shall do them in the way I want.

Next up will be the box of light cavalry, they have exactly the same horses but of course without the armour protection. I do have another box of mounted knights to be done for the other two factions in my campaign game as well as a couple of boxes of both infantry and mercenary infantry. Yesterday I also ordered two boxes of foot knights to complete the retinues of the four main lords/knights. That should give me plenty of units to use with the Lion Rampant rule set. The figures should all be completed during the Autumn/Fall so the first moves of the campaign can take place then.

The abstract map is now complete as are the character traits of all the regional leaders, that was done using a pack of playing cards, just like the map, to decide on their courage, greed, loyalty etc. and was taken from the excellent book 'Setting up a War Games Campaign' by Tony Bath. I have a reproduction copy authored by John Curry and can highly recommend it.

                                The two complete units of six mounted knights.

As you can see, a very light wash will bring out all the detail in the armour.

So they should look an impressive bunch when completed and I am very pleased with them, certainly happy memories of childhood games on the kitchen table or in the garden. Who would have thought I would be doing almost the same thing again over 50 years later?

I will be hopefully playing the next few turns of the ACW 6mm Battle of Blackwater Creek tonight or tomorrow. I have taken the bridge and ford, which are in white resin and have decided to give them a quick paint job, they just didn't look right alongside the rest of the scenery and troops.

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