Friday, 4 September 2015

War of the Roses Light Cavalry.

The mounted men at arms are completed and safely boxed up and stored away, so attention has turned to the light cavalry. Yesterday evening, Thursday 3rd September, I was in a hangout with my good buddy Kurtus of Table Top Commanders, find him on Facebook, You Tube and his Blog.

Although an ocean apart, it was like being sat around a table in one room having a good old chat and painting along at the same time. I managed to take my horses from just the hair painted and inked, right through virtually to completion. They now just await their riders to be able to finish the job of washing, varnishing and finally flocking.

I managed some work on the riders today and following the football theme that I have adopted, it makes me smile anyway, the main Lancastrian faction in the blue and white of Blackburn Rovers were painted alongside the first of the Yorkist factions, in the black and amber of Hull City, my local team. The other Yorkist faction will be in the green and white of another local team, Conference North side North Ferriby United, to provide the second major Yorkist faction. I expect to complete both units tomorrow and then will return to the infantry, I want to try a box of the Mercenaries next, they have crossbows and spears, though the latter can have the spears ends cut off and be replaced with bills if I so wanted. Not sure which way to go on that yet.

I do want at least a couple of units of crossbowmen though, slower to reload but devastating when they do actually fire. Not sure if I will be painting them up in the colours of the major factions or just make them soldiers of fortune, available to the highest bidder. We shall have to see.

I must admit, the War of the Roses project has really taken over at the moment and the 6mm ACW have had to temporarily take a back seat, even the battle set up on my table has not progressed beyond the first three turns, already described in my blog. The beauty of having a man cave with a war gaming table of course means they can sit there and wait until I have the time and inclination to continue the battle. Also another plus for the solo wargamer, your opponent is always available when you are and doesn't mind waiting to continue the battle.

The riders with just the main tabard colours blocked in, Blackburn Rovers at the rear, Hull City to the fore.

I didn't have a paint the colour amber so made my own by mixing two parts yellow and one part orange, it turned out pretty well I think.

I am really pleased how the horses turned out and they should look striking on the battlefield.

So that is the state of play as of this evening, more work to complete these tomorrow hopefully.

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