Sunday, 20 September 2015

Spear men and firearms unit nigh on complete.

Sir Ralph Lytton and Sir Walter de Cobham each receive a new unit for their respective retinues. The former a unit of 12 spear men, the latter a unit of firearms troops with very early muskets. They just need flock adding to the bases. There are enough figures in the boxes, I am using two boxes of War of the Roses Mercenary Infantry, to build up two more 12 man units and enough weapon options for them to either be spear men, firearms or crossbowmen. I am erring on the side of another unit of spear men and a unit of crossbowmen, but we shall see. Not bad value though, six 12 man units from two boxes of Perry. My WotR forces are gathering up nicely. Still two boxes of Foot Knights, two boxes of standard infantry and a box of Mounted Men at Arms to go. Should give me plenty enough for my campaign game using Lion Rampant rules.

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