Thursday, 24 September 2015

Final WotR units for the moment.

Finally finished the last two units from the two boxes of Perry Mercenaries for the War of the Roses, I went for a yet another unit of spear men and a second unit of crossbowmen. I will be taking a break from this project for a little while as I am taking part in the Black Powder Challenge which runs from next Monday 28th September right through until Christmas.

For the challenge I shall be painting up 50 x 36 man infantry units, 25 per side! A total of 1800 soldiers in 6mm, I must be mad but will be more than happy if I complete the task.

The two units in line.

Spear men for Sir Walter de Cobham (Yorkist)

Crossbowmen for Lord Sir Benedict Foxe (Lancastrian)

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