Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mounted Men at Arms + Light Cavalary completed.

Well the two units of six, light cavalry now join the two units of six, mounted men arms. I didn't show any pictures of the latter when I completed them, so took the opportunity of photographing all four units in my diorama photo box. The light cavalry I chose to give long spears/lances as opposed to crossbows and long bows that also came in the box.

The next task will be a box of mercenary infantry, I had hoped to mix and match from this box and a standard infantry box, however, the torsos in both sets are identical but the mix of weapons is (per box) 18 spears, 12 crossbows and 12 handguns plus 4 command figures. However, there are only 36 torsos, not counting command. Which means I will have to mix and match and at the moment the hand gunners may well not make it to the painting table and I shall just make up spear men and crossbowmen.

Both units of mounted men at arms.

Men of Sir Ralph Lytton of Witton (Lancastrian)

Troops belonging to Lord, Sir Benedict Foxe of Rudston (Lancastrian)

Light cavalry of Sir Walter de Cobham of Thorngarth (Yorkist) the first Yorkist unit.
Light cavalry of the most powerful landowner on the map Lord, Sir Benedict Foxe.

Both units of light cavalry together.

As all the factions and their lords are imaginary, I have used any banners/flags from the box sets that looked good to me, to add a little eye candy. The fourth lord, Sir Godfrey Howard of Hammerton, (Yorkist) whose troops will wear green and white is still awaiting his first unit! So plenty more to do before these gallant knights can engage in mayhem and carnage. But that is the original three box sets given to me as a gift, now completed and I have the first few units of the campaign all ready to go.

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