Saturday, 21 January 2017

For the want of a letter!

An update on my American War of Independence project. My eyes have recovered well enough to allow me to do a little bit of painting each day, not able to work on the 10 mm Napoleonics, but I am able to work in 28 mm scale.

For this project I wanted all my regiments to have been involved in the Battle of Brandywine in 1777, not to necessarily re-fight that engagement, but so that units in the area at the time could be represented in my two armies. The battle also featured German troops and cavalry. I did the research, (Google is your friend) and I noted down all the regiments that took part. However, I made a crucial error in copying down the name of one particular unit, the 4th New York, in my notes I had listed 1st through to 4th NY as being present. When I rechecked last night, it was actually the 1st through the to 4th New Jersey (NJ)! I had simply copied down a Y instead of a J, and compounded the mistake with the three other NY/NJ regiments.

It would not have been a problem, but I had already painted up half a regiment of New Yorkers, who were not present at the battle. So much for research, I need to concentrate and check my note taking in future. A lesson learned. However, the 4th New York will stay, especially as I like their uniforms.

The first six completed of a total of twelve for the regiment. I have chosen to represent each regiment with just twelve figures, they can be bulked up later, should I so wish, but that is a suitable size for Musket & Tomahawks, which is the rule set of choice for skirmish games.

The unit in their white uniforms with cherry red facings.

The next six are primed and ready to go. These figures include the command. From left to right, is a standard bearer, drummer, officer and three more musketeers, these will be in various stages of reloading their weapons.

I also managed to obtain the following images, I intend to paint up a regiment to represent each of these.

First up is 2nd Canadian Continental Regiment, once again wearing light infantry headgear.

3rd Pennsylvania.

6th Continental.

The next British unit will be the 27th Foot (Enniskillen) name changed in 1881 to The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

That little lot should keep me busy for a while. I will continue to post updates here, and on my You tube channel.


  1. How big of a difference was there between the NY and NJ uniforms?

    1. The NJ regiments had up until 1777, been wearing hunting shirts etc. They were some of the first regiments issued with imported uniforms that were blue in colour.