Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Men who would Lament?

The long awaited day of the publication of the Pikeman's Lament arrived, and I downloaded a copy to my iPad along with The Men Who Would Be Kings, the pair for just under £16. I will purchase a hard copy at some point in the future.

Having read through the book a couple of times now, I am more than satisfied with the conversion of Lion Rampant to the Pike and Shot era. It has that easy to read formula of its predecessor, as well as the basic rules being very similar too. Of course there are new additions here and there and the units correspond to the new period of history.

Next up will be to play a few games to familiarise myself with the new units and how they operate, it does look fun to play though, very much as Lion Rampant is for Medieval games. The good news for me, is that I already have a lot of troops already built and painted, they are all single based, I like to use movement trays, for more flexibility, and to allow me to use them in other rule sets.

I also took the opportunity to obtain a copy of The Men Who Would Be Kings, it too has that well loved style and is easy to read, and more importantly, easy to understand rules and the make up of units.
I don't currently have any models for this era of history, but may in the future look to creating a North West Frontier, Sudan or South African themed army(s), and this rule set will certainly be a good start.


  1. Ian, on your iPad, if you press the home button and the on / off button at the same time, the iPad takes a screen shot and saves it to your photo album, so for reviewing books etc on a blog it makes life much easier, you just get a photo of the page you are on - even the front cover. If you don't use an App to blog, you can just e-mail your image to yourself so that your desktop computer picks it up.

    1. Thanks Norm, I didn't know that about the iPad, I shall use it next time.