Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Returning to Black Powder/Glory Hallelujah Rules.

Due to continuing eye infection problems, I have temporarily given up painting for a while. Instead, I shall play a few games, which in my case is what all the painting is about anyway.

It's been a long time since I used the Black Powder rule set, in actual fact, I think I only played it once. I did play quite a bit of its supplement, Pike & Shotte, which uses basically the same mechanics, but obviously with a few period specific alterations. I have the Glory Hallelujah supplement, so once I am up to speed again with basic BP, I shall employ the modified rules that GH has to offer.

The table laid out for a training battle, measures 43 inches by 28 3/4 inches (110cm x 73cm). A little small, but big enough for the 6mm troops I shall be using. I will simply substitute, moving and firing distances with centimetres as opposed to inches. I have included a little of everything, terrain wise, in an attempt to bring most of the rules into play.

A walled farm complex will allow assault/defence of buildings and the crop field will be classed as rough ground.

The raised hill in the centre, with its rocky outcrops will also be rough ground.

Views of the hill.

The scrub around the field edges and alongside the road, are not classed as fixed terrain, and can be moved out of the way. They are for aesthetic purposes only.

The crop field is simply a piece of a carpet tile and the split log fencing is home made. The walls around the farm are resin pieces, bought from a model railway shop, and are designed for 'N Gauge.'

The trees are a mixture of 4Ground and others purchased from a Chinese dealer on ebay.

The hill is a pair of socks placed beneath the battle mat, and arranged to form a realistic looking hill and ridge. The rocks are from my garden and are mostly granite chippings with a couple of pieces of slate.

Scrub and bushes are common lichen, nothing fancy at all.

The battlefield will be fought over a few times, as I reacquaint myself with the rules. First with just a single, mixed brigade on each side. Then increase to a couple of brigades aside, and finally I shall then fight a battle using the GH supplement rules.

Should be fun, and takes away the frustration of not being able to paint.


  1. looking forward to seeing how your game pans out. I have squeezed a BP game out of a large pinboard, like you, converted inches to Centimetres, though had unit frontages at 80mm (2 x 40mm bases).

    1. Thanks Norm, not sure how well it will work, but I don't see any major problems, my infantry are on 30 30 mm bases, others on 60 x 30, so there should be enough room to manoeuvre.