Friday, 30 October 2015

The Battle of Hangman's Creek - Intro

I am about to attempt my first ever ACW battle using the Black Powder rules. The scenario is taken from the rule book and involves a division per side in an attack/defence type fight.
This is the map of the scenario, the Confederates will come on to the table at the top of the picture, three brigades in all. The objective is to capture as many muskets, balls and shot as they can carry away from the armaments factory situated in the lower right of the map. It is just approaching first light and the Union troops are in their camps. One camp can be seen on the map to the West of the town, another is camped South of the town off the map and a third, also in camp to the East of the town further along the road from the factory. The Divisional and Brigade commanders for the Union side are all in the house at the North edge of town. They will have to rush to call out their respective brigades and form a defence, before the Confederates can sweep down onto the camp, town and factory. The Union have a regiment on picket duty on the ridge to the North and also one regiment beside the factory.

Left side of the table showing the camp and the farmhouse to the north.

Centre of the table, showing the town and the ridge beyond with a cornfield in between.

Finally, the right side of the table, showing the river snaking down the table from top to bottom and the armaments factory at bottom left.

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  1. Never played Black Powder, I've heard good things about them though. I look forward to see the game been played out, looks like a good scenario.