Tuesday, 27 October 2015

All the ACW artillery now complete, on to the cavalry.

I had painted up about half of the artillery before the challenge, but as I have completed the original goal I set myself, I have decided to press on. So attention turned to the artillery, which are all now completed.

The whole gun line, Union to the left, Confederate to the right.

From higher up, and to save you counting, the Rebels have 15 cannon and limbers, the Union have 16 cannon and 17 limbers? Don't ask, have I lost a cannon? or is it hiding in the pile of unpainted figures still lurking in the storage boxes. just visible to the right of the picture?

I  think I can safely say, I now have enough artillery for every engagement!

Looking across the arrayed firepower!

A peek down 'No Man's Land.'

It could suddenly get very noisy in the distant town.

So with that task out of the way, I have turned my attention to completing the cavalry for both armies. I had already painted up five units of mounted and two units of dismounted troopers plus two sets of horse holders. On the painting board now is the remainder of the Confederate cavalry.

This totals seven mounted units of nine men each, two dismounted units of twelve men each and finally, enough figures for four units of horse holders. 

The dismounted troopers and their horse holders in a little more detail.

I have about the same amount of Union cavalry to paint up when this little lot are finished. So once again, I should have more than enough for any battle I want to fight in the future.

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