Wednesday, 14 October 2015

First trials of Lion Rampant + ACW Project update.

Well after completing 25 Union infantry units in 6mm, I decided to give my old eyes a rest for a couple of days before tackling the Confederates. As you can see in the following photographs, I have decided to give these four units Butternut uniforms, I think the colour is pretty close to the desired colour. It was after doing this that I decided, enough is enough, I am already at the half way point of the challenge I set myself, so a couple of days off to play are in order.

The first of the units in Butternut.

The other only have their hats painted as yet.

Work will  recommence on these boys this evening in the Paint & Chat on Table Top Commanders run on Google +.

As followers of my blog know, I have been painting up units for a War of the Roses campaign using the Lion Rampant rule set. I decided to set up a small battlefield on the table and just use a minimum of units to test out the rules and get used to the feel of them. My units are not individually based, apart from the horse units, but I can still use them easily enough as they are mounted in such a way to make them playable in numerous rule sets. I have based the 12 man units as follows ; 4,3,2,1,1,1, this will allow me to remove casualties as required.

So on to the skirmish:

Ploppy in the Wood is a small hamlet in Yorkshire, nothing of note happens there usually.

The main talking point of the day is the price of milk and wool, come to think of it, it is the only topic of conversation everyday!

The Main err.. only road is once again thronged with its usual amount of carts and pack horses.

However, today will be different, as two bitter rivals and their forces are about to clash in Ploppy Field.

The two forces face each other across Ploppy Field, the only obstruction being a rather large book!

Sir Ralph Lytton with his retinue.

A unit of Spearmen costing 3 points.

Sir Ralph himself leading a unit of Mounted Men at Arms. cost 6 points.

Finally, a unit of Archers costing 4 points. A total force of 13 points.

The retinue of Lord Sir Benedict Foxe.

Consisting of one unit of Bill Men costing 4 points.

Lord Foxe himself with his Mounted Men at Arms costing 6 points.

Finally a unit of Crossbowmen costing 4 points for a grand total of 14 points.

The forces are therefore evenly matched with three units apiece and points values of 13 versus 14. Ploppy Field has been cleared of any obstacles, as I just want to get used to the basic game mechanics in this skirmish using the Lion Rampant Rules.

I will keep a photographic record of the ensuing battle and post to the blog for those interested. Should be fun as this if my first ever battle using this rule set. I may make the odd error or two, but no matter, I should have the rules off pat by the time my campaign is ready to begin.


  1. Great stuff Ian nice intro to your war of the roses project looking forward to seeing more mate

  2. Thanks Stephen, nice to get back to the 28mm for a little while, a reward for all the painting I have done.