Saturday, 24 October 2015

Black Powder Challenge 2015 - Completed!

A momentous day for me, I have completed the last four Confederate infantry units for the Black Powder Challenge. That is a total of 25 units of infantry now finished for both the Union and the Confederacy! 50 units each of 36 soldiers which by my maths equals 900 men each or a total of 1,800 men. I have managed to do the lot in under a month too, so much for Christmas.

As I have just finished the last batch and it is getting quite dark, plus there is a gap in the constant showers of rain we are having, dashed outside to take just a few hasty shots to upload. A full photo session of them will take place on the gaming table later.

The 25 compartment storage box from Wilkinson's (UK) store, each base is 60 x 30 mm and they slot in perfectly, a proper army in a box.

All the units in their compartments.

Finally, a couple of them perched on top.

I also received my copy of 'Blucher' rule set during the week to go with the cards for the Hundred Days campaign and also received my copy of 'Black Powder,' the latter I have been promising to purchase for over a year. So tonight, the brushes and paints will be getting a well earned rest, I shall be cracking open a couple of cold ones from the refrigerator and and having a good read!

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