Monday, 5 October 2015

Black Powder 2015 Challenge update and more!

A progress report on the Black Powder Challenge 2015. I decided to continue with my ACW project and my challenge is to complete 25 units of infantry for each side. I have completed 12 units of Union with four more on the painting board, so I am on well on the way. I hope to complete the boys in blue this coming week and then start all over again with 25 Confederates! That will be a total of 1,800 figures.

The storage box, from well known retailer in the UK, Wilkinsons or Wilko, has 25 compartments and each one is a perfect size for my 60 x 30 mm bases. At the top are nine primed, but unpainted units.

The twelve completed units on their bases plus four more units on lolly sticks now in the process of painting.

Closer look at the completed units.

And of course...the four units now receiving attention.

My good friend Kurtus has finally persuaded me to try out the Napoleonic Rules by Sam Mustafa. I sent for the rule book and the unit cards for the Hundred Days campaign. However, the rule book was out of stock, though more stock was expected within seven days. They did send me the unit cards though.

The back of the box shows some of the unit cards, this allows the game to be played without miniatures! Though the cards are used in the game to show hidden movement, only flipped over when in range of the enemy or they move.

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