Monday, 26 January 2015

Mounted Leader are now complete.

The mounted leaders are now finally complete. They can and will be anyone I choose to make them, as long as the ones with red sashes are royalist and the orange sashes parliament. The actual names of the miniatures are given.

 (left) Charles II, (right) Duke of Buckingham.

 (left) Sir Royston Twiston-Rawlings, (right) Lord Byrom
 (left) King's Herald, (centre) Lord Leven, (right) George Goring.

 (left) Sir Ralph Hopton, (centre) Septimus Gryndell, (right) Sir William Waller.

 (left) Earl of Essex, (right) Earl of Newcastle.

 Marquis of Montrose with standard bearer.

 Lord Rothes with escort.
Many of these figures will double for various commanders as and when the battle requires it, some will become fictitious leaders, just like Sir Royston and Septimus.

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