Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Colonel Hew Fraser's Lancers

Finally completed and ready for action on the table top. Colonel Hew Fraser's Lancers, ready to take their place in the Covenanter Army.


I am particularly pleased with how the horses turned out. I tried a new method of painting them suggested by a fellow You Tuber, and it has worked really well, probably the best horses I have ever turned out. We learn all the time.

I have also decided to paint up a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, pigs and chickens for the remainder of the January Painting Challenge. I need the animals to populate the table top as of course, the English/Scottish/Welsh countryside would be incomplete without them. I also think it brings just a little more realism to the scene. I also intend to finish my leader figures before the end of the month too.

A subscriber on my YT channel, David Brits, kindly gifted me with a copy of 'Donald Featherstone's Solo Wargaming.' A classic book, originally published in 1973 and this copy republished in 2009. He also enclosed a wonderful letter praising this blog as well as what I do on YT. It just shows what a wonderful community I have become part of, and praise and encouragement like that given by David inspires me even more.

I was so impressed with the book, read cover to cover in one evening. I have ordered 'Wargame Campaigns' also by the great man, as I want to know his thoughts and ideas, to help with my own campaign. I have already found lots of ideas, rules etc. in the first book that I shall certainly try on my own wargames table.

I have also ordered another pair of books on the Civil War and will take some photographs of all four books, once received, thank you Amazon, to post on the blog as well as devoting a YT video to them.

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