Thursday, 15 January 2015

Farm animals primed up

Cleaned up and primed the farm animals that will used on the wargaming table.

 These look like long haired Aberdeen Angus type cattle, well they do to me.
 Seen here with their two calves, I think they will fit in nicely for the 17th Century. I would imagine the bulls would be hitched to ploughs or carts on the farm. 
 Four adult pigs and four. It was suggested that I paint them as Gloucestershire Old Spots. A Google search showed them to be a pale brown with very irregular dark brown or black spots. So I will probably give that a go.
 The chickens being so small, based three and four, to a penny. Six hens and one Cockerel.

Should be fun painting this little lot up.


  1. they are fantastic little castings, what adhesive are you using?

  2. Cheers buddy, I use Loctite Superglue to stick the figures to the bases and the horns onto the cattle.

  3. These are really nice sculpts. From what manufacturer are they?

    1. They are Warlord Games, 28mm metals.