Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Reinforcements and a new army.

Sticking to my New Years resolution of not buying any new shiny things that are not in any of the periods I game in. I received a parcel today, to enhance what I already have.

Long term readers of the blog will know, I have one box each of the Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings, Anglo-Danes and Dark Age Warriors. They haven't seen the light of day in over a year, but I do intend to return to them once my Wars of the Roses and War of the Three Kingdom projects are finally completed. I would like to use them, not only for Saga, but also Lion Rampant and possibly for larger scale battles using L' Art de la Guerre, Sword and Spear etc. So I acquired some new recruits.

A Gripping Beast Anglo-Dane 4 point starter warband containing 25 metal miniatures.

Viking 4 point starter warband, again with 25 metal figures.

I also wanted to add a third faction. Initially I was going to opt for the Normans as there are a number of plastic box sets by various manufacturers as well as a plethora of metal figures to suit. But I decided I wanted something totally different and so opted to build up an Arab army.

Two boxes of plastic Arab Heavy Cavalry.

Two more of Light cavalry & horse archers.

Three boxes of foot, in the shape of spearmen and archers.

Finally, a couple of sheets of shield transfers and a pair of banners for the new army.

So my Dark Ages and Middle Ages forces get some new recruits and a completely new force. I doubt that any work will be done on these figures until deep into the Winter months, but at least I know I have them available for when I am ready. I also primed the metal figures in the pleasant weather we are currently experiencing, so another job that is difficult to do outside in the colder months is now sorted.

I have not been posting as regularly as I would like on this blog, but my other blog, The Saga of Yolare is being updated quite regularly and I am also doing a lot of YouTube videos on my channel. These feature unboxings and battle reports among other things.

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