Thursday, 30 June 2016

Project finished, but another to continue.

The final unit for my Wars of the Roses armies has now been completed. Twelve Scurrers, Prickers, Hobilars or whatever these light cavalry went by the name of. So now I shall return to my English Civil War of Wars of the Three Kingdoms project. I have a number of units to complete for the war in Scotland as well as a couple more English foot regiments.

The Scurrers, can be employed as scouts, foragers etc. A poor man's cavalry who will work for the highest bidder.

The Montrose Irish will be reinforced by this cannonade, which can be packed onto a mule, as can be seen in the background. It will be served by a crew of three.

The Montrose Irish will also receive a second foot unit, and I have this command group, unique from the common plastic sprues.

These eight Irish Pike will make up the rest of the 12 man command/pike stand.

Two sleeves of eight shot will be taken from a common sprue. This gives me a regiment of 28 figures, a number that I have settled on and which looks good to my eyes.

This little lot will keep me busy for a while, and then I can create a second foot unit for the Covenanter army.


  1. Nice unit to finish with On the war of the roses,and a great one to start on. looking forward to seeing the Irish mate

    1. Thanks buddy, yes I want enough to be able to fight some of the battles that took place in the Scottish Highlands.

  2. Ready to trample anyone in their way!

    1. Thanks buddy, yes they look a mean bunch.