Wednesday, 22 June 2016

2017 Project beginnings.

Well I said this year that I was not going to buy any new shiny armies, and I lasted until almost the end of June! However, all is not as it seems. I had the opportunity, via a private sale, to obtain a mint box set, namely Warlord Games 'Liberty or Death', American War of Independence, for about two thirds of the price it retails at.

As this war along with the French/Indian Wars, was going to be my next project in the new year, I took the plunge now, never look a gift horse in the mouth. I am not even going to unpack the neatly bundled up sprues, but thought I would share some photographs before it is consigned to a deep, dark cupboard until the end of the year.

Very nice cover art to give a flavour of what is inside.

The box is 17 inches long or 43cm.

Also a huge depth of just over six inches or 16cm.

The rear of the box shows the contents. When I first looked at this photograph on line, it reminded me of my childhood, aged about 10 years old, I would read the American comics and often at the back would be pictured a diorama featuring these very armies, for sale. Of course living in Britain, there was no chance of ever owning such a thing, no internet or Pay Pal then. Finally, 52 years later, I am the proud owner of a similar box set.

Inside the box are leaflets on how to build, paint the figures for the various regiments etc, as well as coloured flags that can be cut out and attached.

The final glimpse into the box is of a ton of sprues, still all neatly fastened up, with the 4Ground kits at the bottom. The bubble wrap contains the three resin gabions. I have my other projects to finish first, after all, I have waited 52 years, what's another six months?


  1. Know that is what you call and box full you sure have some plastic to paint there Ian that's 2017 taken care of nice one my friend

    1. Cheers buddy, it certainly means I won't be scratching my head about what to paint.

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