Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Getting back to war gaming.

I am now sufficiently recovered after the op, to start playing games again. I have already started painting again, I have found short thirty minute spells doesn't cause muscle problems. The first game will be the long awaited skirmish in the snow with the forces of Godfrey Lovell, Owen Wadham and Guy de Cobham. The battle will of course be on my 'Saga of Yolare' blog if you wish to know the outcome. It will be fought using the Lion Rampant rule set, which is perfect for a small scale skirmish.

Godrey Lovell the Thrang of Knapton, on the left with his banner man, demands the lion's share of the supplies being carried to Egton Low Moor. Owen and Guy refuse and so battle shall commence.

The forces of Owen and Guy, consist of one unit each of spearmen and billmen, as well as two units of archers.

The leading archers are in the colours of the Thrang of Thorngarth, Guy's father. The second unit of archers and the spearmen are from Egton.

The forces of Godfrey Lovell consist of two units of billmen, one of archers and his Thrang Host, (foot knights).

Lovell's force is weaker in archery, but more powerful in melee. Due to the melting snow, mounted charges would be too dangerous, hence the dismounted foot knights.

For the mule train, I have had to borrow my English Civil War mules, so please ignore the more modern weapons being carried, such as musket rests and shot pouch bandoleers. The snow is to cover the road and verge base.

The plan is to fight this skirmish tomorrow and of course this will allow me to write the next chapter in the Saga. Not read it? Well shame on you, pop over to my other blog to follow the story.



  1. interesting set up Ian looking forward to the fight good to hear you have managed to get a bit of gaming and painting in slow and steady wins the race my friend

  2. Thanks Steph, the battle mat had to make way for a white sheet on this occasion lol. Slowly is working, now painting and gaming in small doses.

  3. Oh boy, looks to be a good fight yet again. Snow even! Rooting for Godfrey. :()

    Glad you are mending well, Ian. Looking forward to more good things to come.


  4. Thanks Kurtus, it is good to get some troops on the table again, I have been looking forward to this skirmish, it will allow me to move on with the saga.

  5. Oh boy! Good to see your back at it!
    A fun bit of skirmish with a nice set of rules, I look forward to the reading.

  6. Cheers buddy, the battle has now been fought and is available on the Saga of Yolare blog.