Sunday, 10 January 2016

Small Table Gaming.

I posted an article to the Table Top Commanders blog a couple of days ago entitled,'I just don't have the room.' It was very well received and so I thought I would share some of the photographs on my own blog as well as using my painting table to stage a game or two.

The initial idea was to use a small occasional table like the one below. Just 22 x 16 inches, throw a green hand towel on top for the battlefield.

Next up was to add some troops and scenic items. I keep my 6mm troops in these handy plastic storage boxes and the scenic items in another plastic container.

The individual compartments are perfect for my bases.

Put the buildings and trees onto the towel.

Put out a few troops, on this occasion a mixed brigade each of three infantry and one each of artillery and cavalry with a supply wagon or mule train.

Enough here to have a small but enjoyable game.

After that I thought about the table I use to do my painting, put the towel down, added a model railway N Gauge backscene (more to hide my junk behind it than anything else.) I had 4 x 2 feet.

Add trees and a few building for a town.

This time each side could field two full brigades.

Then it was down to having a play. Union troops enter and head for the town.

Rebel cavalry spot approaching enemy cavalry scouting ahead of the force.

The Union first brigade is now on the table and passing through the town.

At the other end, the first of the two Confederate brigades arrives.

Second Brigade begin to enter the table, each sides scouting cavalry have reported the enemy back to their own columns. The Divisional Commander makes his way forward.

The Confederate commander is also now aware of the approaching Union force.

They start to deploy into battle formation.

The Reb second brigade enter the table.

The Union Major General is briefed on the cavalry scouts report by First Brigades Brigadier General.

A battle was then fought, sat at my painting table. The smaller table was fine for Brigade v Brigade and this was ideal for Division v Division. So all of a sudden, if I don't want to use my large table up in the man cave, I have two alternatives, in this scale at least. The latter table would do for Saga or even a small game of Lion Rampant in 28mm.


  1. I have a 2.5 x 2.5 table that I use for all of my different eras. I bought a piece of green and painted roads and a river on it to make a quicker setup.

    1. Sounds like an excellent set-up you have created Joe.