Monday, 4 January 2016

Set up for the Battle of Low Fell Ridge.

Today is a momentous day, well it is for me, I am not at work anymore, today I actually really do feel as if I am retired. Although my last working day was on the 18th December, it just felt like I was on holiday. But today everyone else at my former place of work returned to the grindstone. The alarm didn't sound at 6:30 at it would normally, and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast after a couple of hours extra in bed. Magic.

So more time for my pursuits, well yes to a degree, I still have domestic chores to carry out but they can all be accomplished in a morning, leaving the afternoon and evenings free for me to do as I please. So this afternoon I have set up the table for a Lion Rampant battle using my new basing ideas.

Looking along the road to the village of Low Fell, the Yorkists are on the ridge to the left of the table, a single battle belonging to Sir Godfrey Howard. In front of the ridge is an area of boggy difficult terrain which stretches to a stone wall that runs the complete length of the road. Two Lancastrian battles face them.

Sir Godfrey's battle consists of two units of foot knights, two units each of archers/crossbows backed either by spears of Bills. Finally a unit of mounted men at arms. Sir Godfrey is in the centre of the line between the archers/crossbows. The boggy ground can clearly be seen before them stretching right up against the wall.

Looking down the line from the other end of the table, although outnumbered, Sir Godfrey has a good defensive position.

The Lancastrians have two battles, nearest the camera is Sir Ralph Lytton with three units of archers backed by two units of spears and a unit of Bills, two units of foot knights and finally Sir Ralph with his mounted men at arms. The battle of Lord Sir Benedict Foxe can be seen in the distance.

The battle of Lord Sir Benedict Foxe comprises three units of archers/Bills beyond them are two units of foot knights and on the far flank a unit of light cavalry. Benedict is with his mounted men at arms closest the camera in the red jacket.

A front view of the Lancastrian lines taken from the boggy ground across the wall.

And again moving down the line.

Yorkist reinforcements are available for the battle in the form of Sir Walter de Cobham's battle. It consists of three units of archers/Bills/spears, one of crossbows/Bills, one unit of foot knights, one of light cavalry and finally a unit of mounted men at arms. Sir Walter is at the rear left in a light blue cloak.

Sir Walter's battle will enter the field at the far end of this road, however it is not know when he will arrive, to be determined by a die roll at the end of each turn.

Sir Godfrey will have to hold out until the arrival of Sir Walter.

Starting positions for all three active battles on the table. The Yorkists on the ridge have a good defensive position, however the stone wall will give some solid cover to the Lancastrians if they choose to advance to it.

A view from the Lancastrian line, it clearly shows the low ridge upon which the Yorkists stand. Sir Godfrey in the centre, waves his sword in defiance.

Can this smaller Yorkist force defend the ridge until the arrival of reinforcements?

The opening moves of the battle should take place either this evening or tomorrow. I shall post to the blog of course on how the battle and my tweaking of the rules work.


  1. Nice figures, what are the bases made of?

  2. Thanks Garaldlus, the bases came from the old Zvezda 1/72nd scale Age of Battles series of boxed games. I put card on top and flocked them to make them multi use.

  3. nicely done Ian looking forward to seeing more

  4. nicely done Ian looking forward to seeing more

    1. Thanks buddy, hope to play through a few turns tomorrow.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, just minor tweaks, bases and mixed units really, keen to see how it works,