Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Battle of Gilbert's Forge - Turn Two - Cannons roar

Turn two has taken place on the battlefield. The Royalists are finally getting into fighting formation and have sent of both their medium horse regiments, hell for leather at the Parliamentarians.

 Parliament left wing form a hinge with the heavy horse and The Lambs forming into battle line.
 In the centre, Parliament continue to advance steadily, the Royalist cannon prepare to fire.
 On the right, things are getting very congested, both Royalist medium horse regiments have jumped the hedge and face the enemy.
 In a good defensive position, Foulston's Dragoons take aim on their opposite number.
 Royalist medium horse, clear the hedge into the face of the surprised Parliamentarians.

 The forces are now in firing range, Royalists have the advantage of soft cover from the hedge.

 The London Trained Band suffer their first casualty, from cannon fire.
Okey's Dragoons score four hits on Wormsley's Horse in column.  
Foulston's Dragoons score four hits on Okey's Dragoons.
I should have placed a marker on both Okey's Dragoons and Wormsley's Horse, as both have suffered 25% casualties. A die should have been thrown and a chart consulted to see what the unit then did, i.e. continue as normal, fall back or even rout from the field. In the excitement I forgot to do this.


  1. Hahhaa... is that Gilbert making off down the road ??? nice!