Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Battle of Gilbert's Forge - Turn Five

More mayhem on the battlefield as two more Parliamentary units rout from the field.

 Foulston's Dragoons dismount and take up firing positions on the flank of the Downing Battery, whilst Rupert's Medium Horse support them.
 Having ridden out and formed into battle line, the dragoons are unable to fire this time.
 The Royalist line looks as strong as ever.
 Jostling for position on the Western flank.
 Balfour's heavies, Ireton's mediums and a depleted foot unit, are all that remain of the Parliamentary force.
 The two remaining Parliamentary cannon, received hits and were destroyed.
Royalist forces now occupy the front and left flank of the beleaguered Parliament force.
I think we are fast approaching the end game, in this battle. The Royalists now must surely advance for the kill. Will the Parliamentarians commit to a do or die charge? We shall see.

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