Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Battle of Gilbert's Forge - Initial Deployment

The first entry for the Battle of Gilbert's Forge. Both generals sent their initial deployment to me via email, and surprisingly, both ignored the flank containing the said, Gilbert's Forge.

 Gilbert's house in the foreground, the Parliamentary forces on the left with the Royalist forces on the right hand side of the road. Looking West to East.
 The Parliamentary forces.

As you can see, quite an impressive array of troops, waiting for orders. The Royalist foot are all in column of march and all three artillery pieces are limbered. The Parliamentarians, on the other hand, have guns unlimbered and foot regiments in line of battle.
I will hopefully be doing a turn by turn update over the coming days, so please check back regularly, alternatively, you can also watch the battle unfold on my You Tube channel, a link to which is in the top right hand corner of this blog.


  1. He is a witch, burn him! Mr. Brown read my mind!

    1. Hahhaaa... onwards Cavalier! Our drums will accompany your dance to the battlefield...

  2. Lol, your both ignored the flank containing the forge, should prove very interesting.

  3. Excellent. Orders issued, Fortescue!