Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Battle of Gilbert's Forge - Turn Four

Yet another turn of the battle completed, more men lost and two more units routing from the field.

 After routing Okey's Dragoons, Foulston's Dragoons, leave the wood and remount, ready to advance beyond the hedge.
 Rupert's Horse keep Joseph's Foot in Hedgehog, but suffer a further casualty.
 On the Royalist left flank, Balfour's Heavies advance toward Ireton's Medium Horse.
 Suffering in excess of 50% casualties this foot regiment is forced back.
 The Parliamentary artillery in the centre are decimated, one light gun and crew routed and the medium cannon, now minus its crew but still an effective weapon, just!
The other Parliamentary cannon looks rather isolated with Rupert's 'Blewcoates' ahead and Rupert's Horse on the flank.
This battle really has been very enjoyable to fight out, Generals Brown and Simpkins, really giving it their all. It is certainly testing the rules to the full. Already some more amendments are in the offing concerning Foot regiments moving and firing. 

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