Saturday, 21 March 2015

Battle of Gilbert's Forge ended.

At the end of turn five, with the enemy to the fore and on the flank, the Parliamentary force abandoned the field and the battle was ended.
An enjoyable battle, with the largest forces on each side, used to date. A very good test of the rules.
The cover offered by hedgerows appears to be too powerful and will need to be modified, and one or two other points will also need modifying. Exactly what these games are about, finding what works and what doesn't.

All the troops have now been returned to their boxes and packed away as conversion of the spare room into a man cave will start this coming week, with the room being  redecorated, new shelving and storage units being fitted. The war gaming table at 8 x 3 feet will have an extra foot added to the width by adding a hinged flap along one side, this will allow the table to be increased to 8 x 4, the 3 foot width, was just not quite enough for 28mm figures. At the same time, castors or some other type of wheels will be fitted to allow me to move the table around.

My N Gauge railway will also be in the room, the plan is for it to run in a continuous loop all around the room, with lift out sections at the window and the door. A table will be set under the window for my painting too, it will be a proper man cave and I am looking forward to making a start.

Painting of figures and war gaming will thus have to go on hold whilst the work is being carried out, but should resume again before the end of April. I will take photos of the conversion, just so that I can post something that may be of interest on the blog.

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  1. THat's great. I wish I had the time to fix up the game room. I'll be looking forward to your progress.